Regex exercises -- replace variable with property

Last updated on 2012-07-12 19:19 UTC

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You can find the sed scripts in this GitHub repository

Problem Substitute all the occurences of

Public <something> as <type>


Public Readonly Property <something> as <type>
    Return _source.<something>
  end Get
End Property

Solution Under Visual Studio, in the Find/Replace dialog, the match pattern is

Public {[^ ]+} as {.#}\n

The replace pattern is

Public Readonly Property \1 as \2 \ Get \n Return _source\.\1 \n End Get \n End Property

Under sed on OS X you need this expression

s:Public \([^ ][^ ]*\) as \(.*\):Public Readonly Property \1 As \2\
    Return _source\.\1\
  End Get\
End Property\

The interesting part is that you cannot use \+ to match one or more character, it seems that
this is a GNU extension and it is not found in the version shipped in OS X (derived from the one
in FreeBSD).

The exercise is contained in the property folder.

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